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Florian Picasso - Sheitan is OUT NOW on MAXXIMIZE! Florian Picasso takes his music to the next level with this new mesmerizing tune. Sheitan contains ambient synths, bouncing kicks and retro sounds. With its vibrant breaks and exuberant buildups this is a ground shaking record. Strong dance music right here!

Check out the Armada Music Top 50. Conjured by Italian DJ and producer Spankox, ‘To The Club’ is what you’d call a true damage dealer. Initially released in 2004, this major club crasher is back tearing down the walls of any venue as it did before. Expect ravaged dance floors and crazed-out crowds as far as the eye can see.

In what has to be the full-fledged follow-up to label debut ‘Move On’ (feat. Jennifer Rene), ‘Ever After’ is the magnificent cut Saad Ayub returns to Who’s Afraid Of 138?! with. From its pounding kick drums and spine-chilling breakdown to Fenja’s fairy-tale like vocals and the epic melody, this tune is the stuff legends are made of.

Directed & Edited by: Jamie Phong
Produced by: Adam John Weitner
1st AD: Emily Phongphilack
Camera: Nigel Mikz & Arudz Goudsouzian ...

TUJAMO - BOOM! is OUT NOW on Spinnin' Records! Tujamo never fails to deliver a banger. Again he returns with a blazing tune that will make the crowd go through the roof. The down-sampled vocals will guide you to the build-up that erupts in an ecstatic drop. It’s jumpy kicks and dirty synths will make you press rewind and listen to this party-starter all over again. Boom in your face!

Hot off the heels of ‘A Thousand Miles’ feat. Ruby Prophet, Julian Jordan ups the ante with a full dose of magic. Providing the music lovers of this world with the means to brighten their day with, the Dutch wonderworker makes a slam dunk with this awe-inspiring record. ‘Midnight Dancers’ is the game changer of today.

Florian Paetzold - Love Will Never Do is OUT NOW on AFTR:HRS! The German Florian Paetzold knows how to set a laidback and tropical vibe with his new track Love Will Never Do. The soft and dreamy vocals combined with a drop filled with melodic chimes will bring you in another world. Big tune which you will never fail to love!

TJR - Freaks is OUT NOW on Spinnin' Records! TJR returns with electric fire! The American producer is putting in wobbly sounds, a nasty bass and catchy vocals that will make you lose your mind. The raw beat takes you on a wild ride through the song. The bumpy road will make you bounce like freaks!

Hitting the nail right on the head once again after his debut on Armada Music sub label The Bearded Man, Frank Pole teams up with Greyson Chance to bring the perfect vibes to the party. No matter what mood you’re in, ‘Anything’ can only make your day a whole lot brighter.

Jonas Aden - Feel My Soul is OUT NOW on SPRS! Norwegian DJ/producer Jonas Aden is presenting you music from his soul. He expresses himself through this new house banger. Filled with tasteful chords, warm vocals and trippy sounds this will definitely be a tune that everybody will enjoy to the fullest!


MTV Онлайн трансляция музыкально развлекательного телеканала для молодежи на английском языке. Новости музыки и шоу бизнеса, клипы популярных исполнителей, концертные выступления.

ОНЛАЙН ТВ TV ONE.at.ua ONLINE TV Румынский канал народной музыки. Буферизация может занимать от 5 до 60 сек.

ТВ ОНЛАЙН ONLINE TV РОК ТВ это самые интересные видеоматериалы о рок музыке. На РОК ТВ вы сможете познакомиться с историей возникновения ...
Каталог статей » МУЗЫКА - 2014-05-20 04:55:19

TV ONE.at.ua ONLINE TV Kлубная и танцевальная музыка, новые видеоклипы, популярные хиты... Буферизация может занимать от 5 до ...
Каталог статей » МУЗЫКА - 2013-01-19 01:30:13

ТВ ОНЛАЙН ONLINE TV "1 й балтийский" Музыкальный канал. Латвия. Рига. Популярная современная музыка зарубежных и российских исполнителей.

ОНЛАЙН ТВ TV ONE.at.ua ONLINE TV Откройте для себя новую музыку на Deejay ТV.
Каталог статей » МУЗЫКА - 2013-01-19 01:30:39

ТВ ОНЛАЙН TV LIVE ONLINE TV Turbomix ТВ Музыкальный канал Кахамарка Перу, вся музыка. Turbomix TV Cajamarca Peru music channel, all music.

TV ONE.at.ua ONLINE TV Телеканал о спорте и музыке. Вещает об интересных и ярких событиях в мире спорта ...

TV ONE.at.ua ONLINE TV Музыкальный канал зарубежной поп музыки в Венгрии. Отсутствует реклама.

TV ONE.at.ua ONLINE TV Музыкальный канал представляющий электронную музыку TRANCE & PROGRESSIVE HOUSE... Буферизация может занимать от 5 до ...
Каталог статей » МУЗЫКА - 2013-01-19 01:22:38

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